Now the time has come: we are recording Britten's Lachrymae for BR with Nils Mönkemeyer. In addition, we will perform the world premiere of a new version of Hans Abrahamsen`s "Ten Preludes" as well as the German premiere of Thomas Adès' "Shanty - over the sea" - both commissioned by the MKO! 

The subsequent recording is a matter of the greatest passion - after all, I have lived in Dresden and Weimar for a long time. We wanted to rediscover the music of the former GDR and in the process I discovered two exciting composers: Friedrich Goldmann and Georg Katzer! We are recording 2 works by each of them! 


An exciting month is coming up:

The CD-project with the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen and Oliver Triendl is heading into the final phase. We are recording wonderful music by Wilhelm Berger (1st Symphony and the Concert Piece for Piano and Orchestra). With my Münchener Kammerorchester, a BR radio production and a CD-recording with the label NEOS are still scheduled for March. 

More details soon!


The musical socialisation in the former GDR was a special one, as was the music created there: my favourites are Friedrich Goldmann and 
Georg Katzer. We will soon be paying attention to these composers with the Munich Chamber Orchestra! 

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